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ETHNOMUSICOLOGY LAB – 8th-9th March at 4.30Pm

“TRADITIONAL ARTS AND SOUNDS FROM SICILY – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Sicily”


Bebidì Bebidi di San Calò… Learn to play the tradition

held by Biagio Licata


“Bebidi Bebidi di San Calò…” is a workshop which focuses on sounds and beats of the Agrigento Drums, part of the religious Festival of San Calogero. “Drums of Girgenti” has been listed among the Intangible inheritance of Sicily (REIS). The mix of drum styles and techniques used in the traditional festival tells the story of the traditional tammurinara (drummers), who pass their knowledge from father to son. This vast heritage marks our History and our tradition and becomes like a family heirloom for Biagio Licata, who’s President of the Tammura di Girgenti (“Drums of Agrigento”). An example to follow when it comes to enhance our roots as past and present meet and Tradition and Innovation open a dialogue. Joining this musical journey you’ll discover more about the local ethnomusicology and folk tradition. You will learn to play specific rhythms with the Folk Drum of San Calogero, understand more about modern Drum techniques and learn secret traditional techniques. Finally, get to know more about the most popular Religious Festival in Agrigento. Evviva San Calò!



  1. History of Tammurinara di San Calogero
  2. How to build a San Calogero Folk Drum
  3. San Calogero Folk Drum Repertoire


Sicilian tambourine: discovering folk and popular tradition. March 8, 4.30PM

held by Calogero Russo


The framed tambourine is an ancient musical instrument whose origins go back to Sicily and Apulia, V century B.C. Historical researches prove how women have played a key role in the history of the framed tambourine. The tammureddu (tambourine) is the most common instrument played by women in folk dances, parades.

Calogero Russo who is a local drummer in the folk group Gergent, has been researching musical techniques linked to the traditional framed tambourine. The masterclass focuses on both ancient and more modern folk musical techniques and their great contribution to the folk dances. A journey though the manufacturing and use of this ancient musical instrument which has been fascinating generations. Discover different models of tambourin such as the come souvenir, handmade decorated and many more. Discover the sound of tradition.



  1. History of Tambourine
  2. How to build a Tambourine
  3. Tambourine techniques and repertoire


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