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Elio e Roberto Prosseda

Largo al factotum is a show written by Elio and Roberto Prosseda. A sophisticated and entertaining musical journey through Classical Music History.

“Most people are not familiare with these incredible musical gems; I think it’s important for people to get to know Classical Music: that’s why I started putting this show together. Our current historical period needs quality. I like the idea of teaching people something new and getting them close to something they didn’t know, without prejudice or labels. I hope the audience will fall in love with this extraordinary pieces as much ad I did.” Says Elio.

Elio will play in “LARGO AL FACTOTUM”, alongside pianist  ROBERTO PROSSEDA. Discover Classical Music, from Rossini to Mozart and Weill, to the music of Contemporary songwriter Luca Lombardi. Elio will play a wide range or songs, from Don Giovanni, The Barber of Seville, to the  il Barbiere di Siviglia, and other eclectic more contemporary songs.

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